Manufacture and supply a protective film

  • For unpainted, painted metal and aluminum
  • For wooden products and furniture
  • For PVC products and plastic surfaces

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Own production

The company "Biopack" was founded in 2001.For 17 years of work, the volume of manufactured products has increased 8 times. We work in the CIS and in 2012 we opened the first office in Europe. Our competitive advantages are speed and quality, which are ensured by strict selection of personnel, control of produced raw materials in accordance with GOST and constant modernization of work processes. The price policy of our company is the ratio of price and quality.

Consult our experts on the production time, the required volume and size.

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All our products are certified

Quality of products is the most important criterion. We regularly test our products for compliance with all standards.

Certificate of Conformity LLC BiopakAppendix to the certificate of conformity of Biopak LLC

Certification is successful for all types of our products. Protective films produced by LLC Biopack invariably show high results in testing. This was made possible by the availability of advanced equipment and the use of high-quality raw materials.

Pre-made rolls with protective filmProtective film manufacturing processPacked protective film prepares for shipment to customer

Working conditions

You can request a quotation to learn more about the terms, pricing and terms of the order.

If you have not decided yet on what you need products or want to request a calculation of the cost of delivery - contact us by phone+7 (495) 727-33-77

Green, transparent and blue rolls of protective film

Protective film keeps perfect appearance

The quality of products is important for every customer. Minor scratches and damages will spoil the first impression when installing products: from plastic windows to metal.

We test and select a film of the required thickness and a special glue base. We also provide branding services for protective film so that you can profitably differ from the competitors in the market and protect your products from forgery.

All questions
What is the minimum order quantity of the protective film?

The minimum wholesale order is from 500 kg of finished products, and if a film of primary raw materials is needed more than 150 cm in width - from 1000 kg.

For the customized position of the protective film, the minimum lot is 2 pallet of finished products.

In our warehouse there are also additional production stocks and you can buy any necessary quantity from one roller.

Delivery options are discussed individually.

Transparent protective film
Can I put a logo on the protective film?

Yes. We provide branding services for protective film. Printing on the rolling film is carried out in 4 colors (CMYK). The maximum width of the image is 150 cm.

All orders must be coordinated with our technologist. To avoid the appearance of "artifacts" when printing. The minimum order size must also be checked with the manager.

Transparent protective film
What color can I choose?

The film can be chosen in any color, but the final form will need to be agreed with the technologist.

Color coating can be done in one of three ways:

  • weak - makes it possible to examine the object through the film and only imposes a small color base on top of the product
  • average - the object will be visible on close examination
  • strong - the product under the film can not be seen at all. Usually a logo or a pattern of the customer company is applied to such a film.
Transparent protective film
Do you only deal with protective film for building materials?

No. We can also produce a special food film for example, milk bags or a special film for trays with chilled meat products.

This orders are discussed personally with the manager, and you can get more information about the terms of cooperation by calling us on the phone +7 (495) 727-33-77

Transparent protective film
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