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About Biopak

The Biopak Company is a Russian manufacturer of the protective film. We have been supplying our products throughout Russia and the CIS. The first office was opened in 2018.

We have achieved great results in producing and supplying protective films. Each year we increase production capacity and implement innovations for cost optimization and improvement in the quality of our products.

Our products

We specialize in the production of protective films for different surfaces.

Our products protect against scratches, shatters, discoloration, chemicals, and UV rays.

The main mission of our company is a wide range of products and an advantageous correlation of price and quality from provided services. We guarantee comfort partnership and operational shipment of orders of any level of complexity.

Own production

The Biopak Company has its production factory in the Moscow Region where we make the protective film. The factory is equipped with modern imported equipment, and a team of 100 workers provides it.

Products are made using specially developed technology.

Protective film
produced per year
Engaged in production
in our team

Manufacturing proces

Winding and
smoothing rolls
Applying a special
adhesive base
Monitoring the tension and
positioning of the film

All products are made from high-pressure polyethylene film and special adhesive mass, which is selected individually for each product.

High-pressure polyethylene is a durable material, and it can be resistant to solar radiation with the addition of special modifiers. Acrylic glue, which is used as a glue layer, perfectly copes with the fixation of the film, and when it is removed, it leaves no traces. The film protects against scratches, shatters, chemicals, and UV rays.

We produce a protective film with different levels of adhesion. The characteristics of the protective film are indicated at product ordering that allows choosing the one that will suit you. The organized structure and interconnection of all divisions of production provide the excellent fulfillment of all customer requests and requirements.

The film can be both in a transparent form, and with a certain color scheme. We also print the company logo at your discretion.

Quality is the most important criteria for our production

We regularly test the protective film for compliance with the norms and standards.

Protective films produced by The Biopak Company consistently show high results in tests. We check our products just after production, via the presence of special equipment at the factory. As a direct manufacturer, we value our reputation, which serves as a guarantee of constant quality and clear deadlines for order fulfillment.

Reviews and Certificates

All types of products produced by us are certified, which testifies to their quality. Protective films of our factory always show high-quality results with any checks. All products comply with the technical specifications.

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What protective film to choose?

We produce products independently; therefore, you can order the required form, color, and characteristics of the protective film. Our experts will help you to choose the thickness of the protective material, as well as select the required degree of adhesion (depending on the surface structure of the materials to be coated).