Trunking protection film

Modern wire ducts are meant not only to protect wiring, but also to fit in with the interior. A temporary coating is required to ensure the safety of the conduit body during the installation process. Trunking protection films produced by “Biopack” company are considered to be a perfect solution.

Logo film

What is protection film used for?

Wire ducts are made of plastic or stainless steel. These robust and reliable products protect electrical wires from damage. Customer requirements to design have been constantly increasing. For this reason, an additional decorative coating is often applied on the surface of such structures: solid or polychrome coloring, imitation of different textures, etc.

In the course of transportation and installation, the conduit body can be damaged for a variety of reasons: it can be dropped, stepped upon, split. Repair works are an unpredictable process.

When the surface of the product is covered with protection film all along, there’re far fewer unfortunate annoyances of the kind. Hence, virtually all manufacturers order film for their products. Upon completion of installation, the protection film is carefully removed, and the wiring gets finished appearance.

An appropriate inscription can be printed on the film. It can be just a logo of the manufacturer or an advertising slogan. For instance, you can specify contact details, product installation guidelines, helpful hints, etc. This makes trunking look more reputable, and it will be easier for the customer to keep in mind the preferred brand. Next time he will be looking for products of this particular company.

Reliable coating from “Biopack”

Films for wire ducts should be chosen based on the material they are made of. Our company produces protection film of various thickness and adhesive layer characteristics, which allows for easy removal of the coating upon completion of works.

When making an order at “Biopack” company, you can indicate your personal preferences to the film that will be most appropriate for your particular products.

Our protection film can be classified according to the following characteristics:

  • density;
  • transparency;
  • adhesion level;
  • colour;
  • roll size;
  • custom printing.

Additional options, such as UV protection are available as well. This high-quality product will provide protection of wire ducts against harmful effects in the course of storage, transportation and installation. To discuss your order for the protective film, contact our manager by phone: + 7 (495) 775-08-08, or by e-mail at You can also submit an online request, and we will call you right back.

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