Carpet protection film

There can be dozens of life situations, when it is necessary to provide reliable protection to interior design items, accessories and flooring. Carpet protection film has practically proved to be efficient and essential for use. It is the carpets and rugs that are most often exposed to tough stains and damage resulting from ongoing repair works.

Carpet protector

Let’s have a closer look at the advantages of the protection film, specifically designed for rugs, carpets and floor coverings.

  1. Sophisticated protection ensures the safety of the material exposed to harsh conditions in the course of storage, protecting the product from dirt.
  2. When covering the floor, it is necessary to apply the protection film on the product in order to complete the repair works without damaging the carpet surface.

How is protection film manufactured?

Production targets are accomplished through the application of only high-quality three-layer polyethylene manufactured with the use of high pressure. The modern equipment makes it possible to adjust all stages of film production, reducing operating time and allowing for the production of impeccable quality.

Protection film is supplied in rolls; as for the film colour, you can specify it at order, or provide your own film design to identify your product in the market.

The adhesive composition is water-based, which guarantees absolute integrity of the perfect appearance of the flooring. The adhesive does not in any way affect the aesthetic appeal of the carpet flooring.

Film on a green carpet

Our specialists will help you to make the right choice of the protection film for your products, complying with all supply regulations and offering each client individual operating conditions.

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