Rainscreen protection film

The technology of making the building front with ventilated facade system lets effectively solve the task of the walls warming and decoration while the new building construction as well as the reconstruction of the old ones. The main advantage is the possibility of choice between wide range of different facade materials according to the architectural style and the building purpose.

Considering the fact that the ventilated facades are hard to be classified as a low budget wall decoration material and its look is quite important so the facade panels surface protection becomes a critical factor during the transportation and installation. Such protection is provided with our protective self-adhesive film.

Protective film for ventilation of facades

What is protection film?

The film is a strong polymer material with single side adhesive coating. Its protection function is directly related to the film thickness. And the strong cohesion is guaranteed by the special adhesive composition. The film can be produced according to the different size request, different transparency and colors. It can be printed with a logo or brand. The offered film is easily removable without leaving any trace on the surface.

What film suits your material?

Our specialists will help you to choose the right protective film by its thickness as much as by its adhesion level. The right choice of the last parameter depends on the surface structure. We offer the protective film for the decorative panels with metal surface, plastic surface, glass, wooden, brick styled or stone styled.

Why the protective film is better than any other protection type?

The polymer packaging will provide the decorative panels with safe protection against scratches, chips, and pollution. With this really low cost investment you can keep the look of your panels and to avoid any additional financial losses for substitution of the damaged panels to the new ones. This is really the most effective to protect the perfect look of your products.

Biopack is ready to offer a widest products range and the best price level for different purpose materials. We provide the most comfortable collaboration conditions. We guarantee high quality products and fast production of any order. Our capacity is in two production lines able to produce more than 350 000 000 sqm per year.

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