Protective Film For PVC

We offer films of varied thickness and width for temporary protection of the surface of plastic products and profiles. The broad range of Biopack self-adhesive films is one of our strong sides. We try to satisfy the huge spectrum of demand for protective films, offering various configurations of products and unique logistic solutions.

Protective film on PVC profile

What Is The Application Of Protective Films For PVC Products?

Polyvinyl chloride is a variety of plastic that has been successfully used in the window profiles production. Manufacturers aim to ensure the best possible marketable appearance, all the more so as white is the most popular color of PVC profiles. The film does an excellent job at protecting the plastic from damage and dirt.

Another purpose of the protective film is to prevent chipping, cracks, and abrasions that may occur during transportation and installation. An analysis of our partners' data has revealed the ratio between percentages of damaged products in two batches of products: the first one contained film-protected windows; the products in the second batch came with no protection whatsoever. In the first case, 98.5% of the goods arrived at the destination in pristine condition, while only 42.5% of the second batch reached retail stores. These were our clients “CLIENT” that inked a contract with us back in 2007, after their first unsuccessful shipment experience. We have been cooperating with our partners to this day, joining our efforts to improve and refine the production technology and widen the scope of application.

What Is This Film?

We produce the protective film from polyethylene linen and special glue, which is selected individually for each product, and even for each variety of plastic.

The composite basis of the protective film is low-density polyethylene (LDPE) with modifying agents for solar radiation resistance and waterproof. Acrylic adhesive is used as the adhesive layer, as it does a perfect job at fastening the film on the surface and leaves no traces when removed.

Application And Removal

The film is easy to apply either with the help of specialized automated equipment or manually; it's firmly fastened to the surface. Large manufacturers of PVC profiles tend to have fully automated production lines that include a mandatory stage of fastening a protective film onto finished products. Thus, what rolls out of the production line are transportation-ready packaged products.

Once the profiles are installed, the protective film is fairly easy to remove manually. No sticky traces remain on the surface. The profile will look as if it has just come out of the factory production line.

Indisputable Advantages

Protective film coating for PVC profiles is a modern quality packaging material that protects the products during the time period between manufacture and end installation.

The protective film has the following indisputable advantages:

  1. easy to unwind and apply;
  2. high level of protection against dirt and damage;
  3. waterproof;
  4. fine adhesive capacity;
  5. easy to remove without a trace, provided the application instructions are complied with;
  6. indelible printing on the film surface.

Protective Film Featuring Your Logo

When it comes to visual characteristics of the product, the packaging is what draws the attention of consumers. A protective film featuring the company's brand logo is an adequate, advantageous and effective advertising move. The logo of your company on the protective film of PVC profiles will make more people aware of your brand and protect your products from imitation.

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